23 April 2012

DPE 16: rhododendron

pale rhodie

DPE 15: dicentra

our lovely Dicentra

DPE 14: cornus

Cornus canadensis, new growth
(woo hoo!)

14 April 2012

DPE 13: sunrise

I guess this photo isn't as impressive to look at as the light was to experience.  
I guess you just had to be there.

DPE 12: hops

you think the hops are spreading?  wait'll you see the raspberries....

12 April 2012

DPE 11: apple graft

it lives!  my very own grafted apple tree.  

06 April 2012

DPE10: cherry blossoms

no color correction on the sky, believe it or not...

the cherry blossoms on the art quad, university of washington...

...are really something special

Prunus serrulata

(all photos taken with my Canon PowerShot SD1000)

03 April 2012

DPE9: sunrise

not an unobstructed view from our front door, but I'll take it.