31 March 2012

craft: butcher block

A joint effort by Eric and myself, this endgrain butcher block is all done except for the feet.
(hickory, 16x13x1in)

craft: zoe's tooth fairy pillow

zoe informed me yesterday that she has a loose tooth!  
I took the hint and whipped up this pillow today.

craft: laptop case

I made Eric and I each laptop cases over spring break.  Eric's looks like a little old school sleeping bag, complete with plaid flannel lining, and mine looks... like this...

fabrics: a great organic orange twilly fabric I bought at Pacific Fabrics, but whose manufacturer I don't recall, and the outer is Curious Nature Sateen by Westminster Fibers, on which I practiced my pebble stippling.

30 March 2012

DPE8: muscari

Muscari armeniacum x photoshoppia

28 March 2012

DPE7: coccinellidae

spring must be here to stay

27 March 2012

DPE6: finn

please don't take my chewer, mom

26 March 2012

DPE5: spring sunset

springy sunset, the last of the low winter light

25 March 2012

DPE4: sunny sunday snapshot

another sunny day in seattle

24 March 2012

DPE3: crocus

as you know, the crocus are in bloom.  
i love these variegated petals. 

23 March 2012

DPE2:space needle

for some reason, the space needle has an angry bird on it....

22 March 2012

daily photo for eric (DPE)

my lunch appetizer.  
i can't wait for homegrown tomatoes.