25 November 2012

hike : lord hill regional park, snohomish county

foggy loveliness on my first (hopefully of many) wintertime hikes. (mental note: bring dry shoes for the drive home).

25 October 2012

trip : character shots II

Bear Lake, northeastern Utah

the Spiral Jetty, by Robert Smithson. in the Great Salt Lake, Utah.

the road between Golden Spike National Monument and the Spiral Jetty

Bingham Copper Mine (aka Kennicott), Bingham, Utah 

trip : character shots I

a shy cow at Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historical Site, near Butte, MT

the Teton River, near Driggs, Idaho

16 October 2012

halloweening: butterfly wings

an impromptu lightbox

28 July 2012

work: a view from the ski lift in summertime

I got to do some field work this week.  
(Scale: that chunk of concrete on the ground is
about the size of a large dining table.)

13 July 2012

quilt : for jessica's baby

my first zigzag quilt

11 May 2012

DPE 19: menthe

the mint garden
I think we'll need to get some Don Q...

07 May 2012

DPE 18: lily of the valley

such sweet little flowers

05 May 2012

DPE 17: acer palmatum

looking straight up.
(I love this tree)

23 April 2012

DPE 16: rhododendron

pale rhodie

DPE 15: dicentra

our lovely Dicentra

DPE 14: cornus

Cornus canadensis, new growth
(woo hoo!)

14 April 2012

DPE 13: sunrise

I guess this photo isn't as impressive to look at as the light was to experience.  
I guess you just had to be there.

DPE 12: hops

you think the hops are spreading?  wait'll you see the raspberries....

12 April 2012

DPE 11: apple graft

it lives!  my very own grafted apple tree.  

06 April 2012

DPE10: cherry blossoms

no color correction on the sky, believe it or not...

the cherry blossoms on the art quad, university of washington...

...are really something special

Prunus serrulata

(all photos taken with my Canon PowerShot SD1000)

03 April 2012

DPE9: sunrise

not an unobstructed view from our front door, but I'll take it.

31 March 2012

craft: butcher block

A joint effort by Eric and myself, this endgrain butcher block is all done except for the feet.
(hickory, 16x13x1in)

craft: zoe's tooth fairy pillow

zoe informed me yesterday that she has a loose tooth!  
I took the hint and whipped up this pillow today.

craft: laptop case

I made Eric and I each laptop cases over spring break.  Eric's looks like a little old school sleeping bag, complete with plaid flannel lining, and mine looks... like this...

fabrics: a great organic orange twilly fabric I bought at Pacific Fabrics, but whose manufacturer I don't recall, and the outer is Curious Nature Sateen by Westminster Fibers, on which I practiced my pebble stippling.

30 March 2012

DPE8: muscari

Muscari armeniacum x photoshoppia

28 March 2012

DPE7: coccinellidae

spring must be here to stay

27 March 2012

DPE6: finn

please don't take my chewer, mom

26 March 2012

DPE5: spring sunset

springy sunset, the last of the low winter light

25 March 2012

DPE4: sunny sunday snapshot

another sunny day in seattle

24 March 2012

DPE3: crocus

as you know, the crocus are in bloom.  
i love these variegated petals. 

23 March 2012

DPE2:space needle

for some reason, the space needle has an angry bird on it....

22 March 2012

daily photo for eric (DPE)

my lunch appetizer.  
i can't wait for homegrown tomatoes. 

08 January 2012

remembering aaron

I performed my first yarnbomb today, though I feel that's a misnomer in this case.  My class lost one of our mates last winter, and in remembrance, we planted a tree for him near campus.  I had the idea awhile ago of knitting a little scarf for the tree, in red, the color of aaron's raincoat. This morning, I finally acted on the idea and attached a little warmer to the tree.  Not a yarnbomb, but a little hug made of yarn.

And a little camera practice while I was there....

Nikon D60 // 1/50sec // f/5.6

02 January 2012

2011 street change

This just in!  My 2011 cash count is ..... $29.43

Finds of note:
  • a Kenyan Schilling (at today's exchange rate, that's 0.01177USD)
  • a Canadian dime
  • an Australian nickel
  • pennies: one ginsu'd, one badly corroded, one wheat, one smashed into a souvenir
  • folding money: two ten dollar bills, found on consecutive days.  one in a pile of leaves near my school building, the second at a busy bus stop (it was in plain sight on the curb, but all the folks waiting for their buses were too busy thumbing their smart phones.  losers).