09 September 2011

gardening: day of the tomato

I'm one of those people who just doesn't love summer.  Temperatures over 80F make me cranky.  Over 90F  just makes me mad.  I left Sacramento after living there a mere 18 months, and have followed the magnetic draw of the north pole ever since, landing in the Pacific Northwest, with its lovely, reasonable summers.

Stupice tomatoes, from my own garden
But I do love me some tomatoes, and tomatoes love summer.  My own garden tomatoes are plugging along, and now that Seattle is in the middle of some really warm weather, I have high hopes for the large fruits that have been green for weeks and are now starting to blush.  I will enjoy every bite of those, even if I do have to resort to the green tomato recipes, but in the meantime, I stopped at the Yakima Fruit Stand in Bothell yesterday and bought many pounds of Washington grown Roma and beefsteak tomatoes, and today I got to work dehydrating and canning the lot of them, and even some of my own.  I even ran out of jars, so I'll just have to make some tomato sauce and freeze it.

cherry tomatoes ready for dehydrating.
the resulting dried tomatoes are like candy and get right in your mouth

canned washington grown tomatoes.
I look forward to opening these some dark winter evening.

Good thing I love tomatoes, eh?

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