26 August 2011

DPC: day26_close-up

After I took the turkey's picture, I picked ten pounds of blueberries.  I freeze the blueberries and eat them throughout the year, but before I freeze them, I sort through them and pick out the unripe green berries, leaves and critters that also make it into the blueberry bucket.  This haul had about six teeny tiny snails (the shell of the largest snail was about half a centimeter across, and the shells were so thin, light easily passed through), and this one tried to climb one of the green berries (it rolled over just as he reached the top).

Nikon D60, f/8, 1/60 sec., 55mm focal length
Auto-adjusted in Photoshop


Heather said...

So cute!

froghair said...

thanks! that snail was on the MOVE!