27 July 2011

garden + photography

kale in the garden, Nikon D60, f/5.3, 1/25 sec

same photo, tweaked in photoshop to accentuate red leaf and warm overall.  what do you think?

26 July 2011

DSLR: more practice

More practice with shutter speed and aperture with low early morning light...

upholstering: old folding chairs

Eric and I (finally) reupholstered a pair of folding chairs from the mid-1930s.  We've been moving these chairs around from apartment to apartment and finally to this house for years, always with the intention of reupholstering the beige plastic seats. 

The chairs sport a particularly interesting folding structure, with the back section of the chair remaining still while the seat folds up and the front legs fold in, rather than the whole thing scissoring to the flat position.
source: Google patents search

25 July 2011

DSLR: practice

I took a class through the UW Experimental College yesterday on "How to use your Nikon DSLR camera".  Taught by Jim Altengarten, it was a great, informative class.  Now I just have to remember it and practice, practice, practice.  To that end, I dusted off the tripod and fussed around with the camera this afternoon. 

11 July 2011

craft: quilt top and kindle cozy

Despite working over the weekend, I managed to get some crafts finished: a Kindle cozy for my mom and baby Cora's quilt top.

I don't know the quilter, but I (obviously) relied on this color scheme and layoutThank you!