30 December 2010

2011 is an awkward looking number

...but it's here all the same, so here are my resolutions from last year, how I did, and those for this year:

Blog more (obviously)... ha!  clearly not.

Drive less, bike more (grocery store, school, etc)... yes!  I biked to school nearly every day, until my bike brakes came undone, and I haven't been able to fix them yet.

Write more (correspondence).... nope.  but I have a remedy for this one.

Sew more (2009 was the year of the Knit).... knitting is just so darn convenient when you're in school and can only get a few minutes together to work on something.  But I did do this...

Read more....yes, but exclusively school-based.

Establish an advance directive, etc. ...nope.

Volunteer six times... hm, can I count donating blood?  I do that every eight weeks.  other than that, I volunteered about four times.

Make a quilt for Eric and me... nope.

Learn to knit socks... woo hoo! I sure did! 

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