02 October 2010

in which I jump out of a perfectly good airplane

I celebrated my birthday (just a little late this year) by going skydiving!  I've never been before, though I'd been wanting to for years and years.  I did a tandem jump from 13,500 feet, with about 60 seconds of free fall before my instructor deployed the parachute.
Bill at Skydive Snohomish was my instructor, and he was great.  Thanks, Bill!!  It was such a thrill, I'm looking forward to going again already!


LadyInRedwoods said...

Sweet! <3

Mukwa Ogimaa said...

You willingly jumped out of a perfectly good airplane!!!!!!!!!

I would be sooooo sucking face with Mother Earth.

Of course, I've had multiple incidents in aeroplanes, where a landing (vs. crash) was in question, so even climbing into one these days is way down on my list of things to do.

Heather Patterson said...

Wow, totally awesome.

Emily said...

now its time to see the east coast rapidly approaching from 10,000 feet above -- i'll go with!