16 October 2010

funny: frank chimero

This funny story came to my blog reader, and I immediately wanted to share it.  Enjoy!

09 October 2010

school: wood shop

I remember laughing in undergrad when I took a soils class (I'm playing in the mud... in college?!?), and now I'm laughing that I'm in grad school and taking wood shop*.

*OK, OK, it's actually called Landscape Materials, but it sure feels like wood shop so far.

02 October 2010

in which I jump out of a perfectly good airplane

I celebrated my birthday (just a little late this year) by going skydiving!  I've never been before, though I'd been wanting to for years and years.  I did a tandem jump from 13,500 feet, with about 60 seconds of free fall before my instructor deployed the parachute.
Bill at Skydive Snohomish was my instructor, and he was great.  Thanks, Bill!!  It was such a thrill, I'm looking forward to going again already!