26 June 2010

hike: anderson butte

My first hike of the year was to Anderson Butte, Mt Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest. I was aiming for Watson Lakes, but for a multitude of little reasons, I turned back early, around what I think was the foot of Anderson Butte. Most of the hike was on a snow field, so the trail was sort of a decomposed remnant of a snowmobile trail, getting thinner and weaker as we went. The snow was rapidly melting -- I could hear the snowmelt rushing along the streambed that was under our feet at some points, which made me nervous -- both for myself and for Finn -- if one of us had crashed through the snow, serious trouble could be had, or at the very least, some real discomfort for the return trip. I also got an embarassingly late start, and I wasn't prepared for hiking in the dark. So I called it a day before all the little stresses turned into a big stress and ruined the hike.

It certainly was beautiful though!

aforementioned snowmelt underfoot

finn tries his hand (paw) at forest management

that's Mount Baker there, hiding behind the clouds in the distance

19 June 2010

handmade shopping

I am a huge fan of buying handmade goods, especially locally. To that end, I do as much of my "shopping" at craft fairs and festivals as I can, including today at the Fremont Fair in Seattle. I had on my list a couple of t-shirts, a skirt to wear to Alaska in September, and a wine bottle stopper (that one had been elusive!). Since I want to do what I can to promote buying handmade, here are the websites of the folks I bought from today:

Uzura www.etsy.com/shop/uzura
Intertwined Designs www.intertwineddesigns.com
B Hive Designs www.bhivedesigns.com

go handmade!!

18 June 2010

there's a little saying in these parts....

Q: What do you call a sunny day that comes after two rainy days?

A: Monday

And just to prove our point....

(source: nws.noaa.gov)