27 February 2010

you know you're facing finals in a design program when.....

.... your fridge looks like this.

ps: don't worry mom, I went to the grocery store today.

24 February 2010

crunch time, and a question

As if I haven't been busy all quarter long, I'm about to get even busier. This quarter we're designing a tiny (0.3 acre) park in the downtown area of Seattle. We have the option of making it an off-leash dog park, which it currently is (but was not designed to be), or a people park. As you might imagine, I have some pretty strong feelings on what's a good dog park looks and feels like--from the dog's point of view. So I toyed with some design ideas that included an off-leash area (as well as a partial off-leash area, a third option), but have decided to design a "people park". There are very few families with children in the neighborhood in question, but that demographic is on the rise, so I am trying to design a site that's fun for kids, without being a playground. Any suggestions? I've got some ideas that involve lights, varying ground surfaces and interactive art installations, but I'd love to know -- have you ever seen (or wished you had) something in a park that really caught your attention?