02 January 2010

skagit river eagles

I dragged Finn along to the Skagit River today (say SKAJ-it) to see the bald eagles that take up residence there in December-February for the annual salmon feast. According to the Eagle Watchers docents on hand with info and spotting scopes, the high count for this season was on 30DEC09: 255 eagles. I saw nine. I'm sure there were many more there to be seen, but as Finn hasn't yet learned how to drive, I had to keep my eyes on the road, where there weren't any eagles. We went for a rainy walk at Rockport State Park, which we had entirely to ourselves. The outing certainly scratched an itch I had for a hike, and I saw something new, which is an item I need to add to my list of resolutions.

The Skagit, with two eagles (that I know of) in this photo

Just the scenery


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