01 January 2010

Resolution number one

Blog more (obviously)

Resolutions the rest:
Drive less, bike more (grocery store, school, etc)
Write more (correspondence)
Sew more (2009 was the year of the Knit)
Read more
Establish an advance directive, etc.
Learn how to ... (TBD)

Oldies but goodies:
Volunteer six times
Make a quilt for Eric and me
Learn to knit socks

And in financial news, I collected $8.17 in street change in 2009.


Holly said...

happy new year to you!

Anonymous said...

hey! You're back! Lovely to see you on my screen again!

Love your first resolution. Please try to keep that one...


Laura said...

Hilarious that you kept track of the change you found on the street. 2010 is off to a good start, since I was with you when you found $1 in Portland! The fantastic bag you gave me for xmas nicely fits the "sew more" resolution. I love it!