09 September 2009

vitreous humor

This has been my favorite yarn for a long time. I felt like the spinner must've had me in mind when she created it, but given that I wasn't the first, and that she regularly sells out of it, and that there are several projects made with it on ravelry (rav link), I guess I'm not the only one who would love and cherish such a yarn. In fact, I know this is true, because I place the origin of my penchant for eyeballs squarely on my dad. He knows why.

And, no sooner did I say that I can't do a whole knitting project in a single sitting in my last post, than do I do exactly that. Last night, I sat down with my favorite yarn (which I had previously been content to simply display in a wad in my bookcase) and a pair of borrowed size 35 needles (for the non-knitter, that's the same diameter as your average broomstick), and Kathleen Rogers' Vitreous Humor Scarf pattern (rav). It was the first (and as yet, only) pattern I'd seen for this yarn that allows the yarn to retain it's gutsy, sinewy character instead of just knitting it into a dense, pink fabric.

And even a little early for halloween, no less!

01 September 2009

oh no, not another one

I have recently discovered needle felting. As if knitting, quilting, sewing, beading and occassional card making and embroidery weren't enough crafts to have in my life, I now have needle felting. And of course, I love it. I love that you can sit down with a little idea and go from roving and needle to finished product in one sitting. Quilting and knitting are not like that -- at least, not for me.
Here's a little felted embellishment I made for Chinchilla's broach...

and here's a flower....

anyone who knows about my facination with eyeballs will know where I'm going with this one....