26 July 2009

more photos

settling back in after two weeks of dog/housesitting. tiring, but I'd do it again for these folks in a flash.

catching up on some of my architectural prints:

Transmission tower base, near Blythe, California, July 2009

Boarded up building near Snohomish, Washington, July 2009

Fire alarm, Seattle, Washington, July 2009

Dillon wind farm, near Palm Springs, California, July 2009

Desert twig, near Blythe, California, July 2009

Desert Center gas station, California, July 2009


Heather said...

I love 'em all! Especially the twig and café!!

We've been having killer heat here, too... I was excited when our house was only 90 today!

Robj98168 said...

Love those pics! I like the viking fire bell, being a plumber those bells cause me a lot of headaches- they go off meaning there is water movement. Why Why? and the shot of the cafe is wicked good.And the windfarm windmills.