29 July 2009

102 degrees

all-time high temperature record for Seattle was set today.

posted at 10:43pm, when it's 95 degrees IN MY HOUSE.

28 July 2009

The temperature hit 97 degrees today, so what did I do? I finished a quilt! I'll be giving it to baby Maja this weekend.

specs: 50 x 50", the colorful fabrics are from the Noveau line by Moda. Orange and yellow flannel backing.

26 July 2009

more photos

settling back in after two weeks of dog/housesitting. tiring, but I'd do it again for these folks in a flash.

catching up on some of my architectural prints:

Transmission tower base, near Blythe, California, July 2009

Boarded up building near Snohomish, Washington, July 2009

Fire alarm, Seattle, Washington, July 2009

Dillon wind farm, near Palm Springs, California, July 2009

Desert twig, near Blythe, California, July 2009

Desert Center gas station, California, July 2009

11 July 2009

my charges

I've got my hands full for the next several days with some dog friends. I'm taking care of these three gents, who alternately sleep, play, argue, sleep and eat.

03 July 2009

working in the garden

it's hard to believe I was drinking coffee and wearing a fleece this morning (around 7)... it ended up a scorcher in the afternoon.... 86 degrees! yikes!