07 June 2009

come and gone

Eric was here all last week, and we had a great time together. We celebrated our eighth anniversary a little late by taking a three day trip to San Juan Island, where neither of us had been before. We stayed at a bed & breakfast on the western side of the island -- a working ranch, tended to by very friendly innkeepers. After the orcas, alpacas seem to be the island's mascot, and while we didn't see any of the former (they were out in open ocean), we saw plenty of the latter, and got to feed the ones at our B&B. As you might guess, I left the island with some lovely alpaca yarn. We brought with us lunch fixins and picniced every day, we brought dinner foodstuffs and had a bbq at San Juan County Park before settling down with some brie and wine for the sunset. We saw harbor porpoises, seals and sea lions, bald eagles, deer and foxes. We criss-crossed the island a few times, saw American and British Camps, lingered on beaches and generally had a lovely, relaxing time.
the shoreline at Lime Kiln State Park

a picturesque fence at American Camp

more picturesqueness near American Camp
We also managed to squeeze in a trip to Portland to see Heather & Stephen and their lovely new home, paint the sun room, bunches of gardening, dinner with Cohni & Josh, and I think I even went to work for a little bit.


Anonymous said...

Glad you both had such a great time. It's good to see Eric's face (in the pic).

Happy Anniversary!


Holly said...

that looks heavenly, and it's really making me wish my own vacation would hurry up and get here!

froghair said...

@Habetrot: thanks!

@Holly: Indeed! I hope we're still on for a doughnut (or something).