28 April 2009

loss karma

Some people I've known are perennial misplacers. Sometimes it's important stuff like their keys or wallet, or maybe it's just their shopping list or a book. I've never been one of these people. I don't mean that I've never ever misplaced anything, but I do it so rarely that when I do lose something, I get a little wigged out about it. Which is why today, when I lost two things before I even got off the plane, I was rather put out about it, and began to believe that my entire trip was doomed. First, I lost my spork, which I carry in my bag to avoid using disposable cutlery. I used it to eat up my breakfast at SeaTac, then tucked it into a pocket so I would remember to wash it, and when I went to retrieve it (still at SeaTac), it was gone. I retraced my steps, but to no avail. I have another spork or two at home, so it's not a huge loss, but still. Dang! And then I managed to leave my handkerchief on the plane! (stop making that "ew" face -- it's not as gross as all that) I reached for it later and realized that I must've left it on my seat, where I had put it under my leg rather than wiggling about to get it back into my pocket whilst seated with my seat belt securely fastened. Dang, again! So there I am in Phoenix, sans spork and one handkerchief (turns out I had stashed a spare subconsciously in my bag), when I turn my attention to the radio in my rental car. I start cruising the stations when I notice that the display says "CD IN". What? The previous renter left their CD? That's something I've often been afraid of doing, so my initial feeling was that of sympathy. But then I got down to business to see what sort of CD I had just inherited. Assuming it was going to be something like MC Hammer's 1988 Christmas album I set my hopes low, which probably wasn't a bad idea. It's U2's new album, No Line on the Horizon. U2 has traditionally been my favorite band, but this particular album received pretty dismal reviews, so I hadn't lifted a finger in an attempt to procure it. I listened to it today when the radio stations petered out (I agree with the reviews: meh), and I'll probably listen again when I head back tomorrow, until the radio stations start to pick up again.
Whether or not I keep it though, will probably depend on how I am feeling about the loss of my spork and handkerchief.


Laura said...

Hi Andi, it's Laura from NEK - came here through Ravelry! I am the same way, I don't lose things often and when I do it drives me crazy. I get kinda OCD about it!

Sara said...

I find that I don't misplace or lose things very often. And, for some insane reason, when I do it does not really bother me anymore. It used to drive me absolutely batty and I would obsess to the point of distraction. Not really sure why that changed.
A resuable spork? I've got to get one.
Safe travels!