29 April 2009

knit one, fly too

Writing from over Nevada again…

I just finished the Liesl scarf. This was easily the most complicated knitting I’ve ever done, which meant reading a pattern for every row from what is now a softened and dog-eared piece of paper, but never while conversing, listening to music or while watching a movie. It was not knit on at either of my knitting groups, though I would show it off at said groups after sufficient progress had been made. When I’m crafting at home, I usually fall into one of two situations, either I’m listening to the radio and sewing or quilting, or I’m knitting while I have a movie on, so no knitting on this scarf then either. Working, eating and sleeping take up a goodly chunk of the rest of my time, which left one time group for complicated knitting: airplane time. I cast the project on while we were at Steamboat Springs in January (which is of meaningful coincidence, since the scarf recipient was born in Colorado). I’ve worked on it in the airspace of Washington, Oregon, California, Nevada, Arizona, Idaho, Utah and Colorado. To round it all out, the yarn is by Mountain Colors of Wyoming.

Specs: Pattern is Liesl, by Mary Joy Gumayagay at Yummy Yarn. Yarn is Mountain Colors, Mountain Goat (name of the yarn, not the source of the fiber), in the Firestorm colorway.
never mind the woman modelling the wool scarf when it's 73 degrees F outside. she's crazy.


LadyInRedwoods said...

Very lovely as usual! And the scarf too!(c:
Love ya,

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