02 April 2009

finn's blanket

For Finn's Therapy Dog training, they suggest that we have a blanket for the dog to sit on while he's on a visit. If you're visiting kids, they suggest a kid-appropriate theme (Buzz Lightyear is on the trainer's dog's blanket). I considered getting some bright fleece at the fabric store, and was looking at some when I came up with this idea:

it's a fleece blanket that we used to cover Finn's wire crate with, but since he doesn't use that anymore, the blanket was free for other uses. Like having Finn's name appliqued to it. I'd say it turned out pretty well, considering that the feed dogs don't really do much with fleece -- it was really a different sort of applique for me.

Oh, have I not mentioned Therapy Dog training? Why, yes! For the past few weeks, Finn and I have been spending an hour each Saturday morning at his day care place, where they also do obedience training, including really specialized stuff like agility training and therapy dog work. Now therapy dog work shouldn't be confused with service dog work, where the dog is at a person's side, rendering assistance all day, every day. Therapy dogs go (with their person) to visit people who could use a little puppy love, such as hospitals, retirement communities and nursing homes, psychiatric care facilities, prisons and some schools. There are two different therapy dog organizations that we're training to be certified with, Delta Society and Connecting Canines. There are also therapy cats, therapy chickens, and once our instructor worked with a therapy miniature pony.


Holly said...

Aw, that's awesome! Therapy dogs do great work- I looked at getting Maya into before I realized she still needs more therapy herself. Good boy, Finn!

Wayfarer Scientista said...

Therapy chickens! Laugh. Good for you and Finn. (And the good thing about the blanket is they won't have to repeatedly ask you what his name is.)

froghair said...

Holly -- thanks! we're pretty excited about it. I am looking forward to having a regular volunteer activity, and one that allows me to bring my dog along is all the better!

Wayfarer -- indeed, no coincidence there. I know "Finn" isn't the most obvious of dog names (though we've met more than one other Finn dog), but sometimes people don't hear me right and think I've said "Van" or "Pin". One woman looked totally perplexed and asked why on earth would I name my dog Sin? I even contemplated appliqueing little fish shapes on the blanket, as a mnemonic device. We'll see how his name goes first.