08 March 2009

confessional #3

I really need to blog more often than just Sunday confessionals.

I believe I crafted every day (I've taken to bringing some knitting to work, to tinker with at lunch, or better yet, get someone else to drive the vanpool so I can knit), and don't have any finished projects to show for it, I feel like I'm getting a lot done. I'm about one-third done with a Pleated Beauty Bag for Habetrot:

I started a new knitting project for felting (I'm improvising the design -- I'm going for an organic-but-not-too-lumpy look.... wish me luck!):

And speaking of improvising, I am getting down to business with my Project Improv blocks. Today I went through my stash to see what I had that would work for the assigned color combinations (pink & orange, green & blue, and red & aqua (I'd never given that last combo any thought at all, and I think I even cocked my head at the Project Improv directions when I saw it, but now I see it everywhere, and I love it)):

And we received our swapping partner assignments for the Bend the Rules Sewing #4, so I'll be searching for fabrics for that too, soon.

And...drum roll please.... I bought no new craft stuff this week! Is it reasonable to feel so accomplished for doing.... nothing?

Edited to add: lest I end up posting only weekly confessionals, I am going to place a text box on the sidebar for my confessionals from here on out.


Holly said...

Good work!

And you did better than me, I haven't even confessed yet!

Anonymous said...

OOOOh love how the bag is coming out. I had to order some herbs, so the tea is coming!


froghair said...

thanks and thanks, ladies!