31 March 2009

project improv blocks

I made one each of three color combinations: blue & green, pink & orange, and my new all-time favorite, red & aqua. Each block is 12x12 inches and will be sent off to Jacquie of Tallgrass Prairie Studio, for their inclusion in Project Improv.

16 March 2009

W is for woo hoo!

I might have to change my banner up there -- come this autumn, it won't be "dabbling," but rather full-on-grad school! I was accepted to the University of Washington's Landscape Architecture program last week! The news came early -- I wasn't expecting to hear from them until the end of this month. So imagine my surprise when I saw the letter in my pile of mail. Yay!

09 March 2009


I turned on the radio this morning (my radio doesn't even know there are stations besides NPR, so I'll give you three guesses as to what I was listening to), and Steve Inskeep was reporting on some rural areas that are struggling with the upcoming conversion to digital television (don't get me started on why it's suddenly the federal government's responsibility to make sure all Americans aren't without network television -- no couch potato left behind?). I chuckled as I considered my own situation, even in highly urbanized Seattle....

As soon as he received the coupon for the digital converter box, Eric rushed right out to get us all set up, so we've been dealing with the digital signal since early last fall, and suffice it to say: I hate it. Eric argues that the picture is clearer, which is true, but what difference does that make, if the audio sig....ets..ll...sp...ty..d..gra....... and then the image freezes or gets all pixely (sometimes with disturbing effects), and often enough, drops off all together ("no signal!" a little blue box cheerfully tells us). And it gets worse in inclement weather, when I would normally tune into the local news for the .....weather report. I dislike the whole situation so much that I have stopped watching television altogether*. The big black box in the living room has become my own personal movie theater.... or rather it was, until the DVD player inexplicably died last week.

I'm actually quite glad about the whole thing: I've been trying (not very hard, I admit) to kick the TV habit for years, and now, through it's own (misguided, ill-conceived, much-touted) effort to improve itself, I have finally been converted. So I'll thank the federal government after all, and declare.... long live radio!

*weather reports now consist of me looking out of all of the windows of my house, taking an average and making an educated guess as to what's coming next. take that, megadoppler2000!

08 March 2009

confessional #3

I really need to blog more often than just Sunday confessionals.

I believe I crafted every day (I've taken to bringing some knitting to work, to tinker with at lunch, or better yet, get someone else to drive the vanpool so I can knit), and don't have any finished projects to show for it, I feel like I'm getting a lot done. I'm about one-third done with a Pleated Beauty Bag for Habetrot:

I started a new knitting project for felting (I'm improvising the design -- I'm going for an organic-but-not-too-lumpy look.... wish me luck!):

And speaking of improvising, I am getting down to business with my Project Improv blocks. Today I went through my stash to see what I had that would work for the assigned color combinations (pink & orange, green & blue, and red & aqua (I'd never given that last combo any thought at all, and I think I even cocked my head at the Project Improv directions when I saw it, but now I see it everywhere, and I love it)):

And we received our swapping partner assignments for the Bend the Rules Sewing #4, so I'll be searching for fabrics for that too, soon.

And...drum roll please.... I bought no new craft stuff this week! Is it reasonable to feel so accomplished for doing.... nothing?

Edited to add: lest I end up posting only weekly confessionals, I am going to place a text box on the sidebar for my confessionals from here on out.

01 March 2009

confessional #2

There must be something in the water... Holly, Sooze and I all fell off the wagon this week and bought craft stuff. Like them, I could blame something (or someone... Ellen, I'm looking in your general direction), and I can make the argument that I was going to have to buy these fabrics eventually anyway, since I have next to no pink fabric in my stash and Habetrot has recently informed me that all of her pink baby knitting was well-guessed. What I would rather do though, is consider these initial two weeks of the Use Me Up Challenge to be like those of a new diet. They say that when you try to loose weight, your body freaks out a little and in fact you might gain a pound or two before you start to loose any.

Or maybe I'm just not cut out for this? We'll see.

So yeah, I bought an entire quilt top's worth of fabric on Friday. I popped it all in the wash on Friday night, ironed it on Saturday morning, and then something amazing happened: I sat down, desgined the quilt, cut the pieces and had the whole thing pieced before lunch. Now get this: the baby isn't due until this summer! I really don't know how that happened....

Other projects I worked on this week:

* organizing my craft room: I love the new set-up, and I feel so.... organized!

* the Liesel scarf and the aforementioned dishcloth for Heather and Stephen (deemed an "incredibly fancy dishcloth" by the ladies at my knitting group):

...and as I headed out of the back yard, I snapped an obligatory spring-is-coming crocus photo -- they were all over, right after Thursday's snow melted.