22 February 2009

confessional #1

Did I buy new craft stuff? yes.

Was it necessary in order to finish a current craft? well, that depends.

Heather and Stephen came to visit me from Portland last weekend, and while they were here, I decided that I would make for them, new homeowners as they are, a dishcloth or two for their kitchen. Heather even helped me select the yarn. But what I didn't realize until I got home was that the yarn is a 70% silk, 30% cotton blend, instead of the 100% cotton I was expecting. The care instructions on the yarn ball said "do not leave wet" -- directions that do not bode well for a dishcloth. I consulted Ravelry for silk dishcloth projects, and found exactly...zero. After a little more research, I learned that silk can become rather odiferous after being wet, and somehow I didn't think that a stinky dishcloth was the "congratulations on your new home" sentiment I was looking for. So on Thursday, I went to Village Yarn and Tea and picked up two skeins of Hempathy yarn, which should be just fine for dishcloth knitting.

I decided to make these dishcloths before I "officially" began the Use Me Up Challenge, but it's not like I had the project on the needles, so was my purchase of new yarn necessary to complete a project? Yes and no. I can defend myself by pointing out that at least I have a goal for this new yarn, I didn't just buy it because I loved the colorway.

I crafted for at least an hour every day except Tuesday, which is a busy day for me, since I go to yoga halfway across town, and between dinner, walking the dog and yoga, my evenings are pretty well spoken for. But at least I did work extra hard on Nathan's quilt (just a few more feet of binding!), and I went to knitting circle twice this week. All told, I crafted for over an hour each day, just not every day. I may have to make Tuesdays a permanent exemption, since I am determined to stick with Tuesday yoga.


Holly said...

i think you are well within your rights to your purchases, silk dishcloth or no. And you are off the hook with yoga too, or any other day that you are doing something good for yourself.

froghair said...

and with that, I feel absolved!