12 February 2009

baby nathan & co.

little fingers....

I came back from Steamboat, repacked my bag, slept for a few hours, then took another taxi right back to the airport. I am incredibly grateful to my friends Ellen and Jason for taking Finn for most of the time I was gone between these two trips, and for shuttling him back and forth from the doggy hotel.

This time, I boarded a plane for Santa Ana, for one of my incredibl(y lucky) work/family visit combo trips. Office work by day, playing with my niece and brand new nephew by night, and this time, a bonus weekend visit with Eric to San Diego. I think the baby photos speak for themselves....

Big sister holding baby brother

the "old man" look

Zoe got a pink airplane from her Aunt Andi's mother-in-law

jumping in the park

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