01 January 2009

january first business

First of all, my found money count for 2008 is $24.69. The big finds were $5 in Lancaster in February, $11 on my way to my vanpool in October or so, one 10 cent euro piece, 20 sens (Malaysian currency, worth 6 cents, US) and 11 cents Canadian.

Next, a review of my 2008 resolutions:
* Buy no new books (text books for school are excepted). Close, but not quite. I bought three books from the Interweave Press damaged book sale, but that was it! These are craft books, which puts them on par with dictionaries, on the usefulness scale, you understand.
* Eat less meat, if any (really, I mean it this time). Sure, mostly. Sort-of. I eat much less meat than some, but still not meat-free. There are more complex feelings on this... but that's for another post.
* If I need something, buy it used instead of new, if possible. Yes! When I decided to get a food dehydrator, I checked craigslist and waited until the one I wanted appeared. Eric and I bought a new dining room table (other one was just too big for our sun room) through craigslist, I did most of my clothes shopping at Crossroads Trading Co, as well as Goodwill for some miscellaneous stuff.
* Make a quilt for Eric and me, finally. Nope.
* Study for and take the GRE, then apply to the UW MLA program. Not technically, but I am going to give myself credit for this one anyway. I went to the GRE testing place on Dec 27th, but they had a computer meltdown and sent us all home. And the MLA application is due in two weeks.... close enough.
* Phase out paper crafts. Nope, but I didn't do any paper crafts to speak of, either. This one will go onto the 2009 list.
* Volunteer at least once per quarter. Sadly, no. I did volunteer once, but that was all. This also goes to the 2009 list.
* Exercise and eat healthier. Um, sort of. I think I'm eating a tad bit healthier (less chocolate at the office, and I seem to have lost a pound, according to the scale this morning), and I walk all the time, but I can do better.
* Be on time with birthday cards. Ha! yeahnotsomuch. I have a spiffy new calendar for getting on top of this though... baby steps.

And finally, my New Year's Resolutions for 2009:
* Make a quilt for Eric and me
* Consume less and as from as locally as possible
* Quilt & knit more, especially stash busting
* Volunteer six times this year
* Learn Adobe Photoshop
* Phase out paper crafts
* Exercise and eat healthier

Happy New Year!!


Lisa said...

thank you so much for the quilt! it is very beautiful. colin and i have gotten so many quilts from people recently and i said we should just turn the heater off and use quilts to keep warm this winter!

Wayfarer Scientista said...

Congrads on the new nephew! And bummer on the GRE's - so close but not yet over! Mine have been delayed, as you might have guessed. I just donated all of my spare change from countries all over the world to the UNICEF's Change for Good (the same that collects them on airlines). I sent it by the snailiest of mail but I was happy to learn it arrived and is being put to good use!

Sara said...

I love the money count idea! I am always on the look out for lost change. I am going to keep all found change in a separate pile and donate it to charity at the end of 2009.
Congrats on the nephew!
I have to take the GRE, too - not looking forward to it!

froghair said...

why, thanks everyone! Lisa, I am glad you like the quilt -- I love my t-shirt!! Wayfarer, it was great to see you recently and I hope you land at home soon. Sara, nice to meet you, I see you're a follower of Tallgrass Prairie, are you doing Project Improv too?