06 December 2008

urban craft uprising!

I've just come home from volunteering with the Urban Craft Uprising Streat Team -- a fantastically good time and kick-ass craft show. Seriously, I've never been to a better craft show. I am so glad I saw the call for volunteers -- I'll be sure to do it next year too, if I can. I hung banners (thanks to Troop 253 for those knot skills -- I had everyone in awe!), I counted folks coming in the door, I directed traffic, I handed out swag bags (greatest job ever -- there were people lined up for over two hours waiting for these bags of goodies, so imagine how thankful they were once they got them!), I sat with authors while they signed their books, I sold UCU merchandise, I "gophered" for the vendors, I helped them bring their wares and displays into the space (lots of exercise there), and I distributed raffle tickets. Reminiscing makes my feet sore all over again.

I had to practice some serious self-restraint too (saving for our trip to Steamboat Springs in January), there were some of my favorites: Texture, glamscience,and Revival Ink (my favorite t-shirt is one of hers). Some of my new favorites are Amphora Candles, Felted Style, Made by Moxie, Rivkasmom, Sam Trout, Semilla Designs, and the famed Yarnia, whose yarns I just couldn't stop touching. Speaking of which, I've often heard the phrase "delicious" and "yummy" used to describe yarn, but I have to admit, I never really understood that sentiment until today, when I saw Spincycle Yarns for the first time (I do believe this will have pavlovian implications for me in the future).

But the two vendors/artists I really haven't been able to get out of my head have been ECOTONES, who needle felts wool and silks together to make the most amazing neck warmers, chokers, wrist cuffs and other beautiful -- nay, yummy -- pieces. Naturally, they don't have a website (gah!), so I just may have to go back tomorrow to pay them a visit. And Fernworks Fine Art, whose jewelry is just stunning.
Oh my, it was a great day.

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