11 December 2008

sewing as prozac

When Matt came to visit, I had to put away my sewing table. I made an agreement with myself that I would leave my beloved Bernina packed away until after I'd taken the GRE, so as to not be distracted by it when I should be studying. Apparently I should I packed away the knitting needles too, but that's another story. When Give-Away Day arrived, I found that I wanted to make the coasters I was giving away presentable, and that clearly, a fabric gift bag was necessary. So out came the "sew 'chine" and the fabric and the thread. It was just a basic square gift bag, and not even for someone I know, but about halfway through, as I adjusted the fabric for the seam allowance, I had sensation of intense happiness followed by a micro-epiphany: sewing makes me happy. I described the moment to Eric, and he asked if I was thinking that sewing was meditative, and I said, "No, this was more like what I expect Prozac is like."

P.S.: Michelle, I sent the coasters to you yesterday... let me know if you don't get them by sometime next week. Enjoy!


DinoMatt said...

Does that make me your cocaine - make you all nervous and jumpy?

froghair said...

no, DinoMatt, I think I'll always associate you with dessert wine.

michelou said...

I'm excited! Can't wait to get those coasters. :) I'll let you know as soon as they arrive!!


DinoMatt said...

Oh yeah? What kind? Late harvest, port, zin, cab, riesling, muscat...?