22 November 2008

getting it overwith already

Yesterday, Eric packed a small truck of essentials, and early this morning, he started south, on his journey to San Diego and a new, promising job. He's excited about the job, and I've been very supportive (I think sometimes he wished I wouldn't be, so he could use me as a reason not to go). We'll see each other as often as we can, but for now, while tears are frequent, I am determined not to wallow around the house feeling sorry for myself.

Ergo, my to do list for today:

Farmer's market to get ingredients for thanksgiving dinner (potatoes, mostly)
haircut (I had an appointment yesterday, but completely spaced it)
plant crocus, snowdrop and narcissus bulbs
walk Finn (it's a lovely crisp autumn morning)
laundry and general house cleaning


Before he left (as in, at about 11pm last night), Eric finished our new bed....

The details: solid oak head and foot boards, and side rails. Queen size bed, pine slats. As yet unstained, but in the interest of using it (and getting it out of the garage), we assembled it last night and will stain it later.


habetrotspins said...

Don't forget to craft with your girls! That's a must for your to do list (maybe not today, but soon).

Lovely new bed (and header on your blog).

Waving to Eric on the road! Hope you have a safe trip and enjoy your new job.

froghair said...

yes, please!
thanks! and
I'll tell him you said so.
: )

Mukwa Ogimaa said...


We're sad that Eric has gone south too. I had a wonderful time with you, Eric, Kim, Ross, and my wonderful bride Gail, at Eric's goodbye dinner.

That's not why I am writing here though. While I have an email address for Eric and Gail is asleep, I thought I could get to you via your blog.

I have an old tattered quilt, many many years old that was made by my Grandma Gump in West Virginia. I would like to be able to pass it down to my daughter and soon to be grand child but it is in pretty poor condition. Would you either be willing to attempt a restoration or perhaps know of people who'd be interested in attempting such. I can't justify paying for it so it would have to be a labor for love of the art.

What'd think?

Love ya,


emily said...

Andi -

Thank you for lending Eric to us San Diegans for the year. I promise we'll take good care of him. I told Christopher and he is excited about seeing his Uncle Eric. Please let me know if/when you are heading down here so we can get together.

-- em

froghair said...

mukwa -- I've emailed you separately about your quilt project.

emily -- yes, please take care of Eric -- he's pretty darn specail to me. I'll let you know when I'm gonna be around.

Wayfarer Scientista said...

hey - love the new header. Wishing you and Eric the best and also looking forward to having the GRE behind me - oh, the geometry I have forgotten!! (Well, I never did take geometery so maybe it's understandable but still terrible.)