16 October 2008

WIP: cricket costume, 3

Crickets have wings, and on a real live cricket, they're covered by plate-like forewing, but in the interest of giving Zoe a pair of pretty, shiny wings (and also lack of time to be entymologically accurate), I skipped the forewings and went straight to the pretty ones. Using the instructions I found here, I fused together four layers of the plastic, folded this sheet over once more and creased it. I used an image of "typical insect wing venation" from the internet to freehand the template onto a piece of tissue paper. I copied the wing template onto a second piece of tissue, since I knew that the template itself would be consumed in the process.

I pinned the tissue paper to the plastic and using the holoshimmer thread and a narrow zig-zag stitch, I traced the outline and venation pattern. I pulled the excess tissue paper away and trimmed the plastic, revealing what I think is an awesome looking wing. Repeat with second template and you've got a pair!

edited to add: completed wings


Anonymous said...

Amazing! You are your father's daughter! Leave it to you to do entomological research first.
What if she had wanted to Trick or Treat as an angel?
But she wouldn't need a costume for that...


froghair said...

thanks mom! but you should've heard Eric telling me what other buggy parts the costume should have. pretty as they are, the wings look more housefly wings, so "cricket" might not be what comes to mind for people, but I'm sure she'll be recognized as some sort of insect, which makes me happy enough.

spot on the angel observation though!