12 October 2008

WIP: cricket costume, 2

I finished piecing the segmented abdomen -- totally winging it the entire way. That was fun, and not something I was used to.

I then sewed the front and the back, along with some white lining pieces, together and turned right side out. I'll have to hand stitch the neck hole closed, but first I am going to rip the seam that goes around the segmented part so I can add a little sparkle, via Sulky "holoshimmer" thread.

I also experimented with fusing together layers of "basket wrap" (transparent, irridecent plastic "wrapping paper"). Four layers fused ok (with a dry iron on medium heat, between two sheets of white paper), but doubling that over for a thicker, eight-layer sheet didn't stick too well. But that's where the sewing machine and more sparkly thread come into play. I am so excited about these wings that I can hardly stand still. I know Zoe will be too young to understand, but I hope her mom likes the costume -- I'm quite proud of it, so far.


Anonymous said...

Amazing! I can't wait to see it completed.

Lucky little cricket.

froghair said...

thanks habetrot! what're apollo and loki going as this year?