28 July 2008

central oregon: days 2 & 3

My field partner (and survey manager) noticed how I tended to rely solely on the GPS and not at all on my compass (are those things still around?). So he gave me a refresher course in orientation and bearing reading. By the end of the day I was at it like an old pro. He also kept marveling at how smoothly the surveys were going and said that tomorrow should be a light day, and some of the folks are leaving earlier than scheduled. I am hoping for a few extra hours on my way to the airport for a quick trip to the High Desert Museum in Bend – if not time for an entire visit, at least enough time to pop into the gift shop for a t-shirt for Eric, as his old HDM shirt is long past it’s prime.


Anonymous said...

We LOVE the HDM! Just love it. Hope you get a chance to go!


froghair said...

unfortunately, I didn't get to, and they didn't have a shirt for Eric at the Deschutes Brewery either, darn it.