04 June 2008

WIP Wednesday

I think WIPs were meant to be posted on Wednesdays -- something about needing to show accomplishment for the week that's half over.

Here's a pair of sympathy cards I made this morning....

And my next project (it's amazing how a totally new, unplanned on project will jump into the front of the project queue.... and I have no control over it), is a cicada pouch (from Omiyage by Kumiko Sudo) for Seamus. I came up with it after I talked to Toni the other day and found out that her son is totally enamoured of insects these days. I have had this book for years, but never had quite the right occasion ot use it. I am so glad I do now.

Today I'll be multi-modal for my commute: bike to campus, bus to work, bike most of the way home (assuming the weather doesn't make me bail and catch the bus), where Eric will pick me up in the car (If you saw the hill between my house and the bike trail, you'd be calling home for a ride too [except Matte, who gets some sort of twisted joy out of this particular hill]).


matte said...

the twisted joy was mostly about the hot shower and cold beer that waited for me at the top!

leslie modena said...

i'm asking (for a friend) about your preferences for the placemat/napkin swap. she can't tell from your preferences if you do or don't want pastel/flowery/pinks. i say you don't (just for the record). but can you email me at lesliemodena@hotmail.com, please? thanks.