01 June 2008

isabella quilt: finished

Baby Isabella's quilt is finished and ready to be shipped off! One thing though: Isabella has an older brother (about five, I think) with whom I rather bonded with when we visted the family last christmas. I would like to make something for the brother too, but I don't know what. The only think I can really come up with is pajamas (and that's mostly because I have a children's pajama pattern handy). Any ideas?

My final exam has been issued: redesign a space on campus (the small-ish park-like area between Allen Library and Sieg Hall, if you happen to be familiar with the UW campus) as a Peace Memorial. The "problem" with this one is that the space is not nearly as uninspired as the space of the midterm project -- it's actually quite nice already, and when I went there yesterday morning (after hauling my bike down from the garage rafters, dusting it off and pumping up the tires), I was rather taken with the space as is. So, what does peace look like to you?

And here's a card I made for my friend Frank, who had a touch of knee surgery last week.... an embroidered knee joint.


amandajean said...

the quilt is so fantastic!! simple and so so good!!!!

froghair said...

thanks! I am quite fond of it myself, and I suspect the recipient will like it too.