26 May 2008


At last, the garden is planted! I believe we managed to stick seeds or starts into every available nook and cranny of the backyard. That translates to: asparagus, tomatoes (2 each of cherry and slicing varieties), yukon gold potatoes, artichokes (1 purple, 2 green globe), sugar snap peas, bush beans, mesclun salad lettuce mix, romaine lettuce, spinach, russian kale, carrots, shallots, scallions, walla walla onions, garlic (3 varieties), strawberries (4+ varieties), raspberries, an apple tree, blueberries (3 varieties), hops (3 varieties), zuchini, peppers (2 varieties), broccoli, cucumbers, and of course, the herb garden (mint, thyme, rosemary, sage, lavendar, oregano and basil). Also, sunflowers and nasturtiums.

And now hear this. I, Andrea, hereby relinquish all attempts at growing cilantro. Apparently it just isn't in the stars for me, and I fear adverse mental effects should I continue to attempt it. I'll stick to tomatoes, which seem to work OK for me.


The Huge Log Cabin quilt and matching pillow shams are done, and safely in the hands of their new owners.


It's been warm enough for Finn to take up lying in the coolest part of the house and do a little swimming...


We went to the Padres vs. Mariners game (the Pads won that game, but lost the subsequent two)


Isabella's quilt is quilted (but not yet bound)...

15 May 2008

isabella quilt update

Baby Isabella's quilt top is finished! The charm pack made this quilt go together so much faster than any other I have done before. Just add sashing (ok, two separate trips to the fabric store for that bit), and voila! Instant baby quilt!

with finn, for scale.

13 May 2008

WIP Tuesday

First, a finished object!

I made a pencil roll for a friend’s daughter’s birthday. I used the pattern from Joelle Hoverson’s Last-Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts, abbreviated to fit the 12-color pencil set I bought for it. The word on the street is that the recipient loved it, which makes me very happy.

Now on to the WIP du jour:
I am also about half-way through piecing the top of a baby quilt for the latest arrival of my friends Toni & Shawn, Isabella Renee. The patch fabric is from a charm pack of Moda’s Flutterby line, and the sashing and border fabrics are Kona Solids. The binding will also be Flutterby. I’ve seen photos of this sort of pattern, but I don’t know if it has a name, and I am constructing this quilt without any written instructions.

Toni’s first baby, Seamus, was the recipient of my very first “real” quilt, a rail fence patterned quilt from Alex Anderson's book, Start Quilting (below). Not wanting to rely on the traditional gender-associated color pallette of blues for a boy, I went with bold primary colors in three color groups: red, green and yellow (I know, green is not a primary color, but I trust that you see what I was after here). In each of the groups, I selected a fabric that incorporated sunflowers, since those are Toni's favorite flowers, unfazed by the fact that this boy's quilt was going to have flowers on it. Now Toni has a girl, I am making her a quilt that features insects! Unintentional irony -- I love it.

Rail Fence for Baby Seamus, circa 2005

02 May 2008

catching up...

A little out of order, but I wanted to catch up....

Eastern Oregon and Washington road trip....
Eric and I hit the road for Pendleton at 7pm on Friday evening, arriving around 11:30, safe and sound. On Saturday we worked and at the end of the day, we went to the Whitman Mission National Historic Site. It was a lovely site, if only known for the massacre that happened there. The weather was great -- the kind of sun and shadow you only get from the massive clouds that manage to look cheerful and ominous simultaneously. On Sunday, we headed north towards Clarkston, WA and Lewiston, ID. That's Lewiston in the background there.

We took the Lewis and Clark historic trail (the highway version of it, anyway) and took our time. We passed through Moscow and Coeur D'Alene, ID; Pullman and Spokane WA. Eric dropped me off at the quilting shop in Moscow while he gassed up (is he great or what?). That quilting shop is dangerous -- it's attached to a yarn shop.

Back in Seattle....
On the 19th, we went to the Roman Art from the Louve exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum, and on the 21st, I went to see the Yarn Harlot at her book signing. I brought my knitting and stood in line for a little while, but eventually had to give up on having her sign my book, as it was 9:30pm, the bus had already stopped running for the evening, and Eric would only be willing to come pick me up for a little longer. Fortunately, she's got another manuscript in the works, so I'll just have to go see her again (would anyway). By then, hopefully I'll have finished a sock, or even a pair!

The huge log cabin quilt top is off for quilting! When I see it next, it'll be a fully formed, beautiful quilt! In the meantime, I have two matching throw pillow shams to put together. This is it, right before it went off for quilting. Glass of water for scale.

Next up: baby quilt for baby Isabella Renee (born 29APR). Should be a quickie (famous last words).

This week, Eric has been in Glynco, Georgia for training. He was supposed to continue on to a second week of training in Charleston, but his grandmother passed away on Tuesday, so he's gone back to San Diego for her funeral this Wednesday. Nana was a strong, capable woman whom I admired. I know she stuck around to care for Papa, and once he was gone, she was finally able to rest. I didn't know either of them very well, but I will always fondly remember that Nana referred to the time that Papa was in the Navy as their time in the Navy. She considered herself every bit as involved in the Navy as he did. "Remember when we were studying for the Acadamy exam?" she once asked him. Not "when you were studying" but "when we were studying." A wonderful, sweet woman. She will be greatly missed.

OK, that's enough catching up for now. This weekend is all about the Garden of Bewilderment. I am pleased with the plan I have in my head -- I'll post pics once it's done (and once Eric brings the camera home... I feel a little lost without it).

a goobernatorial phone call

me: hello?
caller: hi, I'm calling from Acme Poll, and I have a couple of questions for you about this year's gubernatorial election.
me: okay
caller: first, do you consider yourself to be a republican or a democrat?
me: neither.
caller: okay, by that do you mean you're an independent, or...?
me: no, I just don't affiliate myself with any one political party
[at this, I can practically hear him panic over the fact that there's nothing in the script for this answer]
caller: uhh, okay then, one last question: who do you plan to vote for in the upcoming gubernatorial race?
me: Christine Gregoire
caller: correct
me: (laughs) correct?!?
caller: oh, right...uh, thanks for your time!