14 April 2008

I have a question for you

What does bewilderment look like?

My midterm assignment is to make a shoebox diorama (yes, you read that correctly) that represents a rectangular garden with the theme of bewilderment. As a person walks into this space, they should feel bewildered. I am asking for your opinion because I have found that it's surprisingly hard to pin down what bewilderment is, or what it looks like, especially among different individuals. What makes you feel bewildered? What sorts of external forces or environments might make you feel bewildered?

[edited to add]

* Don't worry about how to express it in a garden, per se -- that's my job. I just want to know what you think of when you're bewildered.

* The project is due on 5MAY

* I am supposed to use a minimal amount of statuary (or any hardscape elements) if any. The professor wants us to use plants first and foremost. (Although I do like that upsidedown plant idea... thanks Mom!)


LadyInRedwoods said...

Wow! That's a toughie! I'm afraid my quick answer would be more obscure than the idea of a garden-of-bewilderment is to begin with. Oy! I will have to ponder and I will ask G^3, too. When is this project due?

Anonymous said...

I hear they grow tomatoes upside down. It would be disconcerting for me to walk through a garden with upended flowers and trees, and even statuary. And with a diorama it is even possible....

Happy Birthday, sweetie! One of the very best days of my life...though not entirely pain free! I would do it again in an instant! You are the very best of people, and always a joy! mom

AmyB said...

Oh sure, ask us the HARD questions, LOL! I like this definition: "confusion resulting from failure to understand"... it seems like a common state in my life right now (new state/city/job). The idea of "it's all Greek to me," or something that seems like one SHOULD understand it, but can't. What about a maze -- not one of those medatation mazes where the path is clear, but more like a labyrinth of choices, where the direction seems clear, but isn't? I dunno... random words are coming out of my fingers... maybe *I'm* bewildered!

I like the upside down garden idea, too.

Mukwa Ogimaa said...

Dang! Can't post an image to you this way. Will email: Reluctant Shaman!

Verbally: Excess, ambiguity, women, my paintings/drawings!

Anonymous said...

No idea- but wanted to wish you a Happy Birthday! (old lady!) Your card is in the mail.....


KnitMoka said...

Extreme paradox always bewilders (and delights) me.

Happy Birthday, darlin'! Hope to see you soon.

LadyInRedwoods said...

Happy Birthday!
Here are a few of my ideas:
-First love
-A newborn baby
-Returning to your home after it has been destroyed by a natural disaster
-Waking up to the phone ringing in the middle of the night
-Finding out someone you love has suddenly died
-DaDa-ists (-ism)
-Art (all forms) that evokes overwhelming emotion

Well, don't know how helpful all that dren will be but you are welcome to it.

Love you bunches!

dinomatt said...

I would offer: bewilderment means people look around and instantly think, "What the f***?!?" You've probably been studying and researching things along the lines of order, sense of place, etc. - now you must go to the other end of the spectrum.
Mix cacti with tropical plants. Exotic/unusual/rare plant. Expand your imagination beyond what is currently seen on earth (if it's one thing studying dinosaurs will teach, it is that Earth once had plants and animals waaaaay outside the realm of which we currently dream). Lead the visitor as if in a maze - oh, you think we're going this way - BUT THINK AGAIN!!! MWAH HA HA!!! We're really going *this* way!

LadyInRedwoods said...

A few more I thought of...
-Standing on top of a mountain and looking out at the world
-Standing at the base of a mountain and looking at the top!
-The universe(s)
-Trying to understand my place in the world


froghair said...

Wow -- what great ideas! Thanks everyone! It truly has helped me to get a grasp on what other people think of when they consider bewilderment. I'll keep you posted on my project progress...

Anonymous said...

Your favorite Dad suggests plantings where there should be paths and walkways where there should be vegetation. Petunias on the steps... gravel in the pots...you get the idea.

And definitely include a dinosaur or two...


LadyInRedwoods said...

O.k. A couple more things and that's it. I can't believe I missed these either.
-The national debt
-Tax forms
-Paperwork for buying or selling a house or any other legal paperwork.
Love ya!

Wayfarer Scientista said...

hey...did you get your package?I only ask because it's the kind of package that can confuse (should I say bewilder? Nah, I don't think it consititutes.) the post office. For me bewilderment is the total incomprehension of something being in a way that is totally different from what is expected and not being able to make sense of it or the whys or the hows.