18 April 2008

climate change

April freakin' eighteenth, in a city that sees a couple of dustings of snow annually, and we've got snow again! It's supposed to be in the mid-thirties tomorrow -- good thing Eric and I planned a day of indoor activities (art history lecture at UW, then off to see the Roman Art from the Louvre exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum).

14 April 2008

I have a question for you

What does bewilderment look like?

My midterm assignment is to make a shoebox diorama (yes, you read that correctly) that represents a rectangular garden with the theme of bewilderment. As a person walks into this space, they should feel bewildered. I am asking for your opinion because I have found that it's surprisingly hard to pin down what bewilderment is, or what it looks like, especially among different individuals. What makes you feel bewildered? What sorts of external forces or environments might make you feel bewildered?

[edited to add]

* Don't worry about how to express it in a garden, per se -- that's my job. I just want to know what you think of when you're bewildered.

* The project is due on 5MAY

* I am supposed to use a minimal amount of statuary (or any hardscape elements) if any. The professor wants us to use plants first and foremost. (Although I do like that upsidedown plant idea... thanks Mom!)

09 April 2008

WIP Wednesday

The huge log cabin has one more border to go! It has gotten so large, I had to employ the clothesline in order to take a photo (for scale, consider that the clothesline is about five foot, five inches above the concrete. Of course, I have to take photos when I get home while it's still light out, and then do some more sewing, so after this photo was taken, I added the creamy pink border to the top and bottom of the quilt. Now all that's left to complete the quilt top is the maroon border.

Notice the garlic doing very well in the lower right corner...

Our starts are also going like crazy: cucumber, beans and kale...

and just as I posted, Eric announced that we have Italian roasting pepper sprouts!

a photo

03 April 2008

WIP Thursday

The starts are well underway, and I wish I had some time lapse photography equipment to show you just how fast these suckers are growing....

bush bean seeds from last year's harvest...

and various lettuces....

And now for the debut of the huge log cabin, not yet finished but looking mighty fine, if I may say so myself....

There's actually two-and-a-half more borders on there than when the photo was snapped yesterday -- one of the medium pink and half of the creamy pink. I really need to inquire at the quilt shop about getting myself in the queue for their long arm quilting service -- this thing barely fits on my sewing table as a quilt top -- adding batting and another layer would take up the whole room, and probably send me into convulsions. So off it will go for some expert quilting on big fancy machine. Hopefully they'll let me take pictures!

Tomorrow, Eric and I are off to northeastern Oregon for a mini road trip (read: business trip where I get to bring the old man).

My spring quarter class is off to a great start -- sort of on the touchy-feely side, but in a good way, so I am still quite excited about it. We have to do some observations every week on a given theme -- if I like any of my observation writings, I'll share.