01 March 2008

a letter

Dear guy sleeping in the UW Library of Natural Resources at noon on Saturday, March 1, 2008,

Please. Stop. Snoring.

At first, I thought it a groundskeeper using a leaf blower outside, but as you started to snore louder, I recognized the undulating pattern…zzzzzzzz (pause) zzzzzzzz (pause) zzzzzzzz (pause)…. Why I can’t bring myself to grab a stack of books (we are in a library after all, I could easily find some doozies) and drop them on a nearby desk (or your foot) will always be a source of shame for me.

Darn. For a minute there it sounded like you’d woken yourself up by snoring so loudly.

Seriously. If you’re that tired, why don’t you just admit it and go home and take a nap? I won’t think any less of you, I promise. Don’t stay here, pretending to be studying, all the while annoying the bejesus out of conscious people like myself.

Thank you,


Anonymous said...

Found you! Love the letter- I am shocked, however, that you didn't toss a book at him!


froghair said...

hey there, michelle!

interestingly enough, Mr Snores-a-lot woke up just as I posted that letter. Good thing too, or I just might have done as you suggested! I was also considering walking over quietly, getting my face all close to his and saying abruptly, "wakey wakey!"

dinomatt said...

I would pay good money to watch you do any or all three