20 December 2007

winter holiday: part 1

I know you're supposed to love all of your Christmas gifts equally, but I am especially enamored of this one from my sister:

BlarneyYarn is the yarn shop of a friend of my sister's. She handdyed this yarn according to my sister's specificiations, just for me! And there's some roving (wool that's just waiting to become yarn) and a drop spindle -- the trials and tribulations of my learning how to use it will no doubt provide much blog fodder. I can't wait!


KnitMoka said...

wooo wooo! You're a spinner now too! Gonna have to teach me how to use a drop spindle, it looks tricky.

Awesome first yarn! How many yards did you get?

froghair said...

I'm flattered, but I didn't spin *that* yarn. One skein of yarn, one of roving and one spindle was the gift.

KnitMoka said...

Duh. That's what I get for reading your post, trying to make dinner, giving Ethan the definition of a word, and keeping
Carter from breaking his neck.

It is lovely yarn indeed that your sister had made for you. What a special gift.

Still can't wait to see you using your drop spindle. (oh, and great new profile pic) :)

Happy Christmas Eve!