06 November 2007

WIP wednesday

Between writing an essay for class (on which I earned a 3.93 out of 4 and a "bravo!" from the TA) and studying for the midterm exam (Villa Almerico-Capra was built between 1566 and 1591 was designed by A. Palladio as a farming villa in Vicenza, Italy), I haven't gotten much done in the way of crafties. But I do have this necklace, which I just love, but am not sure if the pendant is too weighty/massive for the piece. What do you think?

nevermind that it has no clasp yet -- it (a silver square toggle clasp) is coming.

(natural light on a rainy day makes for a cloudy photo, but I think you get the idea)


Heather said...

I think its gorgeous!! Probably my favorite so far! but then again, I love black. :)

LadyInRedwoods said...

I think it's lovely. It looks great on you and I don't think the stone is too large at all.

Wayfarer Scientista said...

Nice! I like it. The pendant would be too big for me to wear but only because it would give me a headache (even hoods do that) but if you don't get headaches it looks fab.