11 November 2007

WIP monday, or Socktoberfest: What the @%#$ was I thinking?!?

Now, I had no -- not even one -- delusion about actually finishing one sock, let alone a pair of socks during Socktoberfest, but I guess I would have at least liked to have been a little deeper into my preparation-for-sock-knitting project: the baby hat on double pointed needles (dpns). I have pulled it out thrice now, as I seem to have an uncanny ability to put the project down, come back to it and start again, this time knitting inside out and/or backwards.... I think I have finally devised a system to get that part right, but now I am not sure that dpns and I are meant to be in the same room together (or, as I am increasingly finding, in the same airplane together). I'll be knitting along on the one needle, coming up to the second one, taking a quick peek around at the rest of the project, only to find that the second needle has lost three stitches in the form of three tiny, fragile loops hanging between the second and third needles. I put my blunt fingers to work trying to rescue the loops, and this time it worked, but I don't hold out much hope for next time.... I may just stuff it all back into the bag and go back to knitting scarves on regular needles with lovely little stoppers on the ends. I love scarves. I could really get into scarves. Working in only two dimensions could be theraputic.

All of this raises the question: am I absolutely certain that socks can't be quilted?

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Wayfarer Scientista said...

quilted socks...hmmm. I think that only works if you are going to hang them in front of the firs for a certain saint nick.