28 November 2007

WIP Wednesday

I usually remember to post WIP on Mondays, but execution is a different thing entirely...

I made a little something for Zoe, but incase she's perusing the blog, I have to just give a hint...

I agonized a little over making Winter Solstice cards this year, what with the "waste" of paper and all, but I decided to go for it anyway. Recycle your cards, everyone!

I got two more huge log cabin blocks done...

and I've finally found some fabric for the artsy quilt, which I also now have a plan for...

22 November 2007

I am thankful for...

...Eric. I am thankful for having Eric in my life, and for the opportunity to share every day with him. He is all I could ever dream of in a partner, and I love him with all of my heart.

Eric and I had thanksgiving dinner at the Spiral Farm with Frank heading up the cooking with a menu of Indian food, and Matte deep frying a farm raised turkey. Company was enjoyed, nearly full moon on a cloudless evening was admired and we went home stuffed and happy.

turkey a-fryin'....

two pages of Indian recipies!

baby naan....

and by the time we headed home, it was pretty chilly out....

18 November 2007

all gone!....continued

What, you're not satisfied with a shot of my amputated braid? You want to know what my remaining hairs look like? Alright, here you go....

17 November 2007

all gone!

I did it! The ponytail is off to Locks of Love, and I am experimenting with orange peel sculpting goo... My head is finally free!

14 November 2007

Irvine: day 2

I drove out to Ridgecrest yesterday -- a region of California that I am not at all familiar with. It was nice driving, good weather and there was a quilt shop at the end of it. On my way, I stopped at the Victorville Starbucks, ordered a drip coffee and selected a vegetable and pesto dip snack. As I approached the register, the woman standing behind it was beating on the computer with her index finger, explaining that they'd been having computer system failures all morning. Since she couldn't ring up my order, she just gave it to me, "on the house". I offered to wait for a few minutes to see if the computer came back online, and I did, but it didn't. So she shooed me out the door, off with my free coffee and veggies.

When I passed through Victorville on the return trip, the sky was looking lovely as the sunset was fading....

11 November 2007

WIP monday, or Socktoberfest: What the @%#$ was I thinking?!?

Now, I had no -- not even one -- delusion about actually finishing one sock, let alone a pair of socks during Socktoberfest, but I guess I would have at least liked to have been a little deeper into my preparation-for-sock-knitting project: the baby hat on double pointed needles (dpns). I have pulled it out thrice now, as I seem to have an uncanny ability to put the project down, come back to it and start again, this time knitting inside out and/or backwards.... I think I have finally devised a system to get that part right, but now I am not sure that dpns and I are meant to be in the same room together (or, as I am increasingly finding, in the same airplane together). I'll be knitting along on the one needle, coming up to the second one, taking a quick peek around at the rest of the project, only to find that the second needle has lost three stitches in the form of three tiny, fragile loops hanging between the second and third needles. I put my blunt fingers to work trying to rescue the loops, and this time it worked, but I don't hold out much hope for next time.... I may just stuff it all back into the bag and go back to knitting scarves on regular needles with lovely little stoppers on the ends. I love scarves. I could really get into scarves. Working in only two dimensions could be theraputic.

All of this raises the question: am I absolutely certain that socks can't be quilted?

Irvine: day 1

Have I ever mentioned that my niece Zoe is the cutest thing to grace the face of this earth? Well, now I have.

After a beautiful flight (see Mt Rainier and Lake Shasta, below), I arrived in Irvine for a quickie at the office this week. They never have to ask me twice, since Zoe lives right down the street.

mount rainier, from my window view....

lake shasta, though I tell you that the colors were much more vibrant to my eye...

Emily and I had a lovely afternoon, dining on lox on bagels on the patio (overcast, but warm enough for short sleeves) and then a walk through the Irvine Regional Park (note: the zoo closes at 3:45 every day). Zoe walked and walked (with help). Back at their house, I made a little movie of her walking (and through my cinematographic genius, the subplot is revealed as Lucky the dog yawns)....


I love visiting these guys. After Zoe finishes cleaning the floor and retires, Miles and Emily and I have wine and Thai food and intelligently silly conversations.

06 November 2007

WIP wednesday

Between writing an essay for class (on which I earned a 3.93 out of 4 and a "bravo!" from the TA) and studying for the midterm exam (Villa Almerico-Capra was built between 1566 and 1591 was designed by A. Palladio as a farming villa in Vicenza, Italy), I haven't gotten much done in the way of crafties. But I do have this necklace, which I just love, but am not sure if the pendant is too weighty/massive for the piece. What do you think?

nevermind that it has no clasp yet -- it (a silver square toggle clasp) is coming.

(natural light on a rainy day makes for a cloudy photo, but I think you get the idea)

google earthiness

Happy day! My Three Hole Point photo was selected to be included in the upcoming version of Google Earth.