01 October 2007

WIP monday

I told Eric on Friday that if I didn't get some quilting in over the weekend, I just might explode. I still think that may be true, yet I still haven't been able to put an hour or two together in order to make it happen. How I couldn't manage that on the first lovely, soggy, gray weekend of autumn, I have no idea, but here I am, Monday night and working at home instead of crafting.

But I will tell you about my WIPs, nonetheless!

I am still collecting wine bottle labels for my cork board project. This has lead to a plethora of wino jokes at work, since I've been getting most of the bottles at work. I have a couple of folks who bring me their bottles, then I take them home and remove all the labels (even the backside ones that I won't be using), bring them back to the office and deposit the naked bottles with a co-worker who makes wine and reuses the bottles. I get the labels, and he gets the clean bottles.
I heat the bottles up in the oven to soften the label adhesive...

I have been pouring over the latest edition of Quilting Arts Magazine making notes on all of the beautiful embellishments in preparation for my first art quilt. I am actually jittery with excitement for this project!

I am still plugging along on my homemade present for Lisa -- it got stalled a little while the family was in town, but I showed it to them, and they loved it's nerdiness!

There's nothing like the changing autumn colors to get the creative self going. I think the brisk autumn winds have something to do with it too. Now if I could just knit up some more time...


Beth said...

Here is some "knit a sock" encouragement!

froghair said...

Thanks Beth! I am super excited about Socktoberfest (even if I commented on the blog in the wrong place -- am I a newbie or what?). I have enlisted my friend knitmoka to teach me the fine art of sock knitting.