31 October 2007

Corporate Executive Witch

So I got to thinking.... what would happen if the traditional witch went mainstream corporate?

Well, even with EEO policies, she'd probably have to do something about that green skin -- turns out those tanning bed shops you see in every strip mall do wonders on green skin. Also, she'd need a sleek new wardrobe -- no more tatty robes or striped stockings. And the hat and wild hair would have to go. Trade in the broom stick for a carpool, and voila! The Corporate Witch!

Corporate Executive Witch
Toyle & Truble and Associates


Heather said...

Too cute, Andi!! :)

KnitMoka said...

Darling! Just Love it! I was glam-witch. Happy Haunting!

LadyInRedwoods said...

Love your wit. Tracy would be so proud of you!
Enjoyed your visit the other day. Come when the weather is better and we can see more sights.