24 October 2007

Boston: day 2

After an uneventful flight, I was greeted in Boston by clear skies and 68 degrees. I collected my bag and got my phone out to call Karen to arrange the curbside pick-up. As I was looking around me for landmarks to describe my location to her, I vaguely noticed a family of four waving frantically, presumably at another family member nearby. It took me several moments to realize that they were waving frantically at me—Karen was at the curb right in front of me (also waving frantically). Silly me.

She drove us back to her place in Somerville so I could freshen up before we headed out for dinner. We ate at an Indian restaurant in Davis Square, the quaint, casual commercial area near Karen’s place. It was warm and there was excitement in the air—the Boston Red Sox were about to start playing Game 6 of the ALCS at Fenway Park. I happened to be wearing a red shirt and felt rather in the spirit myself. After dinner, we headed into Boston for a wander and a beer at Union Oyster House (est. 1826). We watched the end of the game there and then called it a night.

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