17 September 2007

Alaska: days 4 and 5

We had hoped to go fishing and/or kayaking, but the rain started in good and heavy on Saturday. Breakfast at the local's favorite, the Smokestack. I like to try biscuits and gravy whenever I see them on a menu, and I certainly hadn't had biscuits and gravy in Alaska before! Now I'm not very well travelled, nor have I been to the South, where B&G originiated, but I've concluded that these were the best Bs&G I've ever had. Flavorful and chunky (not just white goo with meat bits) -- they were just great.

We spent the rest of the day doing rainy day sorts of activities -- coffee shopping, post card writing, and then dinner with friends-of-Dear Friend.

Day five brought the sad (and still rainy) end of my visit -- I was truly sad to leave. We managed to squeeze in a beach walk on our way out of town. The dog carefully sniffed the carcasses of the salmon that just didn't make it. I could only imagine what Finn would have done under such circumstances. I imagine that he would have grabbed two or three of the fish, torn them up, then rolled around on the his back on the rest.

I scanned the landscape all around the highway as we sped towards Anchorage for the chance to spot a moose before I left Alaska. Sadly, I saw none. Of course, this was one of the most beautiful stretches of roadway I had ever witnessed, so it wasn't exactly disappointing. But sure enough, as soon as I got through the security checkpoint, I noticed that Dear Friend had left me a message informing me that she and the dog had just seen a moose on their walk through town. Better luck next time!

I had a fantastic time visiting my Dear Friend whom I don't see often enough. I was so glad to be able to see where she's been living and what her life is like. I can't wait to go back.

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