20 August 2007

WIP monday

I'm hoping to keep this up (laugh all you want) -- a weekly Work In Progress update on the blog. It's worth a try, anyway. So without further ado, here's what I've got cookin' right now.

Just yesterday, I finished these napkin rings for a friend only two months after the wedding (that's a record for me, Itellyouwhat). They're seed beads with occasional other embellishing glass beads on antique-colored craft wire:

And this is one of the several quilts I have going on right now... this is a mock-up block for a king size quilt I am making for my aunt and uncle in California. It will replace an older one they have, so it's generally the same color scheme and design. This will be quite the project -- wish me luck!

And don't worry, it's the picture that's crooked, not the block!

1 comment:

KnitMoka said...

The napkin rings turned out great! Gonna have to do a WIP update. What a good idea.