11 August 2007

dispatch from the old stomping grounds I

I arrived in San Jose last night after a lovely flight. Mt Rainier was splendid as always, her peak just resting above the clouds, Mt Adams in the distance. St Helens was breathing a little steam, with no clouds over southern Washington. Mt Hood came and went, as did Shasta. All lovely, but I think the highlight may have been the pilot banking to the east right as we were over San Francisco -- the city gleamed white and took up my entire window. Lovely.

Went eating and shopping in downtown Mountain View with my Aunt and stumbled upon a great quilt shop, Eddie's Quilting Bee. What a find! A great selection of fabrics, notions, a huge selection of books, and they sell sewing machines too! And they're moving to Sunnyvale! Oh wait, I don't live there anymore....

Am going out to dinner with my Aunt and Uncle tonight, then hoping to meet with Karen, Liz and Marla for a little wine tasting. With Liz and Marla being experts, Karen being new to wine tasting, and me somewhere in the middle, we're sure to have a good time!

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