12 August 2007

dispatch from the old stomping grounds II

Went out with Karen, Liz and Marla last night. We had a lovely time catching up and enjoying some lovely wines at a wine bar in South San Jose called Unwined. I tried a flight of unique reds and ended up liking the Castillo de Sajazarra from Rioja, Spain (1998) from Spain the best.
(self-portrait and not a single red eye. damn, I'm getting good at this).
Afterwards, Karen and I started reminiscing about our old hometown of Sunnyvale, and decided to try the night scene in downtown Sunnyvale, just for shits and giggles (and a beer). We watched all those young whippersnappers in awe -- what drew them to Sunnyvale? Why did they chose to be here? I missed Seattle.
Today is Elise's big day! Karen is picking me up in about 40 minutes, then we head up to The City for what I'm sure will be a lovely ceremony and celebration of two people, very much in love. Mozel tov!


LadyInRedwoods said...

You look like you were having a blast! Hi Liz! This pic is reminiscent of a few from about 10years ago. I guess I better dig some out.

Wayfarer Scientista said...

What fabulous, gorgeous looking women!