06 July 2007

mosquito city

Lake Wenatchee.... a bit chilly!

We went camping last weekend at Lake Wenatchee in central Washington with Frank and Matt (Knitmoka was sick at home). It was mosquito haven (I think the bites are mostly gone now), but the view and the food was fabulous. Frank roasted up a chicken and potatoes in the fire, and we brought a fresh green ceasar salad from the garden. For breakfast, we had bacon and Spiral Farm chicken eggs (YUUUM!).

Roasted chicken (aka: tin-foil-ball-in-a-fire)

Eric and Finn did a little hammock racing....

It was also Finn's first camping adventure, which led to some unexpected sleeping in the car. While I took care to set up our new tent in the living room the day before (purchased specifically for Finn's sprawling sleeping habit), Finn didn't care to actually spend the night in a tent. He napped for a little while due to sheer exhaustion (he swam and swam in that icy water!), but around 1am, he decided he was going to whine until he got out. After we couldn't take it anymore, Eric took the dog and his sleeping bag up to the car and they slept in there. If you have any ideas on how to encourage the dog to like the tent, please let me know!

Finn fought the mosquitos with all he had, but I think the skeeters won....

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