04 July 2007

just a typical wednesday

...except that it's Independence Day and I am at work. Me and about two other folks, but I am headed out shortly for a BBQ at the farm. Don't feel too badly for me... I took Monday off instead.

Wedding and camping photos coming soon..... in the meantime, here's a status update:

To Do:

*visit Gail!!
*replant teeny tiny garden
*clean and organize the garage
*mop the floor
*see crafts
*add photos to blog
*make lasagne
*look into airfares for various summer/fall excursions....


*reading…lots! Angle of Repose, Collected Stories by Wallace Stegner, Reading the Landscape, US News and World Report: Secret Societies, Siddhartha, Dictionary of Architecture and Landscape Architecture
*eating…fresh greens from the garden! woo hoo!
*crafting…quilting, beading, clothing, cushion making.... will post pics as they get done

Activities on deck:

*Access I class starts on Monday
*Jeff's wedding in July
*Elise's wedding in August

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